The company NAKSYS, located in the south of Paris close to the Airport of Orly, was founded by a group of engineers and experts with more than twenty years of experience in the airport industry and known for their technical expertise, their valuable experience in the management of projects, their leadership in the development of innovative products and the total satisfaction gained from customers from all around the world.

NAKSYS designs and manufactures world leading products in the airfield lighting photometry calibration. The range of photometry equipments manufactured offers complete and efficient solutions to the airports to reach a permanent 100% compliance level of the airfield installations including runways and taxiways.

The equipments that we manufacture are certified and test the compliance level of the existing runways and taxiways as per the ICAO and FAA standards.The engineers of Naksys audit as well regularly the airfield lighting photometry compliance of the airports worldwide. Our expertise and the equipments that we manufacture make of us the only company in the world capable of offering airfield photometry audits worldwide. We deliver on site the compliance reports verified against the ICAO and FAA standards.

Naksys designs and manufactures as well the photometry equipments to verify the compliance of the street lighting system and tunnel lighting as per the European Standards definition. We provide complete studies of energy performance for the cities and municipalities. These include electrical and photometric measurements of the existing lighting installation in the cities.

The company NAKSYS grows in partnership and with valuable partners distributed all over the world, to offer turn-key solutions for the development of airport platforms, solution in energy performance and in consultancy.

Our references in terms of project executions are prestigious and distributed all over the world.