The Frame Reader is the portable equipment designed to measure and rectify the photometric conformity of the lights that cannot be measured using the mobile photometry vehicle such as the elevated approach lights installed on high masts, the PAPI and the Runway Guard lights.

Conformity verifications against the standards as specified in the ICAO Annex 14 Vol 1 Edition 2009 and the FAA circular AC 150/5345-46C.

The FrameReaderiddn is a sensors based technology that provides to the airport operators the solution to rectify and record the conformity level of the airfield lights that cannot be measured using the mobile photometry vehicle. The easiness of the equipment and the dedicated functions for the airfield application makes the equipment the unique solution found in the market to fulfill the needs of the airport operators. The equipment includes a light weight portable frame and a portable terminal with LCD screen to operate. The measurements are stored in the SD memory card of the terminal. The graphical iso-candela diagrams can be visualized using the Frame Reader software.